Traverse holds your hand, enables and empowers you
Traverse holds your hand, enables and empowers you
Traverse holds your hand, enables and empowers you
Kindles your very being to discover your magnificence
Kindles your very being to discover your magnificence
kindle your very being to discover your true magnificence
Partners with you to discover your purpose and vision in life
Partners with you to discover your purpose and vision in life
Partners with you to discover your purpose and vision in life
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About Traverse

Traverse is dedicated to people development.

The foundation is laid on the belief that every person has an inherent potential, it is Traverse’s business to  unleash it .

It brings on expertise with a heart.

Traverse enhances you professionally and also partners to grow you holistically. The personal touch to every interaction makes your experience unique. It aims at transformation of individuals who are willing to evolve to the next level.

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Srirupa Banerjee is a people’s person. Her greatest joy is to be amongst people from all walks of life. She likes to talk, discuss, explore and care for everyone around her. She loves freedom and believes that everyone should be allowed to grow and discover by themselves. In contradiction she likes discipline too, as nothing can be achieved without it.
She urges everybody to think for themselves, dream and work towards fulfilling it.
She is an everyday woman with a huge passion for living and supporting others to live.

Our Services


  • To open up to Srirupa was comfortable, for a sensitive and vulnerable person like me who tends to keep things in heart. In midst various difficulties too, guided meditation by Srirupa, showed me a way to calmly explore my Life Purpose ahead. Without being judgemental, as a Coach, Srirupa had tremendous patience to listen deeply as well as take me smoothly through the introspective process.

    Miss Paulomi Kanakia

    Principal Architect & Landscape Architect, Paulomi Design
  • Srirupa ma’am, you are such an amazing person. You made me so comfortable to open up to you. I am glad I met you at the start of my career and it helped me to overcome my obstacles. Even after 3 months of finishing the session, I still recall few things which you said and it still helps! Keep doing the good work ma’am and all the best to you!

    Vidya Sankaran

    Specialist, Smart City at PwC India
  • So happy to see Traverse step foot here. I am proud to say I have taken your coaching at a difficult juncture in my professional life and so happy with the outcome. You will always have my best wishes. You are amazing as a coach. Lots of love and success to you!

    Amrita Paul

    Co founder Snehador
  • I got in touch with Srirupa when my confidence and self-esteem had hit a rock bottom. Owing to some domestic issues, I was floundering and was plagued with self-doubts. At that point , Srirupa extended her helping hand and guided me towards my inner self, towards my strengths and my core values which I had lost sight of. Gradually, I was able to identify my life’s purpose and find focus and direction in life. As a life coach , she is extremely committed, speaks with conviction and oozes loads of positivity. However she will never be shy of calling a spade a spade if that is what will pull you out of the rut!! Thank you Srirupa . Can’t thank you enough.


    English Teacher
  • My experience with Srirupa has been incredibly rewarding. After my first session, I was very happy that I chose her. She was very easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable. She treated our sessions with respect, care and insight and created a non-judgemental environment. I will never forget how she made me meet my future self and introduced my core values to me which I was unaware of. Leaving each session, I felt as though productive and important work had been done, and looked forward to our subsequent sessions.


Our belief is that everybody can reach their true potential with a timely nudge and a strong hand to hold.

Your potential is endless.

Let’s Begin Your Journey.