1. One to One

The Classic Coaching Style, where most shifts happen. A lot of work gets done in this space like, bringing about clarity, purpose and charting the flow of action. Maintaining confidentiality and bringing out the true magnificence. Srirupa’s listening skills and expertise makes the experience totally worth it.

2. Coaching for Academicians

This is a signature coaching style developed by Srirupa.
Being an academician most of her life she has a deep understanding of the issues that academicians face. The Academic Institutes have flat structures and the work may become monotonous after a few years. Academicians love to impart knowledge but interest in knowledge and knowledge retention is low. Academicians have the opportunity to change lives and make ground breaking research. However, the mundanity of work often takes them off focus.
Coaching for Academicians breaks this and creates new pathways for self-development in turn developing powerful institutions.

3. Team Coaching

When a common goal needs to be achieved by a team, there is nothing better that the modality of team coaching. It not only builds teams, it aligns their purpose, their values and makes their synergy much greater than simple team building activities. It creates trust, confidence and deep understanding of each other, leading to realizations, empathy and high performance

4. Coaching for High Potentials

Stepping into leadership can be exciting and daunting at the same time. High potentials are committed to developing themselves and learning quickly. They are engaged and diligent. Coaching is for such individuals as it brings about the best in them quickly. Sometimes, it is the BEST method against all other modalities as it ensures that the new leader understands and steps into the role with confidence and a vision for self, team and the company.